Business by Board Room

Business by board room is a series of books that were written by the great business mentor Jack Welch. The concept behind this book is that a business should not be run in a “one size fits all” fashion. It should be a business that allows the employee to make their own decisions. This is…
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car maintenance

The very first time that you heard about Auto Detailing, what did you think?

Auto Detailing is nothing but a practical way to clean your car Your car is always in good condition at any given time but there are many stains, scratches, and marks in your car. These can be very difficult to remove especially if they are painted, when its time to clean them off, it becomes…
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–°rystal clear auto detailing: How to polish the car to a high mirror-shine?

How does one get a glass of water crystal clean without water? There are several techniques and steps that one can take in order to bring the water clear without the use of water. Car polishing techniques  There are certain amounts of chemicals that are used to clean the glass. For instance, salt, which is…
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